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Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Students in European Studies are eligible to apply for FLAS Fellowships to study European less-commonly taught languages through the FLAS competition in the Institute for Global Studies.

There are two awards; one is for a Summer fellowship the other is for the 9 month Academic year.

The awards are overseen and granted by the U.S. Department of Education. All nominees are subject to the rules and guidelines as set forth by the Department of Education and the University of Minnesota.

Summer FLAS

Summer FLAS Fellowships are designed to aid students in acquiring intensive study of language at domestic or international institutions.  Summer awardees can be used to study abroad.  All programs need to be a minimum of six weeks, 120 hours classroom time for intermediate/advanced language instruction and 140 hours classroom time for beginning.  

Undergraduate students are only eligible at the intermediate or advanced language levels of study. 

Summer Awards provide a  $2500 living stipend with $5000 tuition

For a list of institutions please see your LCTL instructor or visit Center for Advanced Research Language Acquisition CARLA website.

Academic Year FLAS

Academic Year FLAS Fellowships are designated for use during the 9-month academic year. Awardees must be enrolled full time at the University of Minnesota taking at least one language course (as awarded by FLAS) and one area course (pertaining to that language) each semester. The courses must be taken for an A/F grade.

Academic Year Awards are:
Undergraduate: Provide a $ 5,000 living stipend, $10,000 towards tuition and mandatory fees.
Graduate:  Provide a $15,000 living stipend, $18,000 towards tuition and mandatory fees.

For complete information and application instructions on FLAS please visit the IGS website by clicking here.